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New Luxurious Fan Style Poster/Print

This is another of my creations in dark blue and gold. I never know how my artwork is going to turn out, but I really like this one. It has a luxurious look in gold and blue. I love the fan style. You can find these poster/prints at the links below.

I have also included another new art deco print I created in silver, grey and black. Iconic art deco.

Up until now, I have shown some of my Art Deco posters. The following designs I have added to other items in my Zazzle store. My art deco clocks are very popular, especially in the US and UK. Also in Australia. Here are some pictures.

I have also created designs for ceramic tiles. Here is a sample of some of the tiles I have designed. I have added links below the pictures for you to take a look at my store.

Finally for this page, this link will show you the collections page where you will see some of the cushions I have designed also. ?rf=238224167947869880

I hope you will take a look as there are many more items in my store. Here is the link to my store.


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