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Gillian Moody Home Page

About Me

I am a lady of a certain age. These days a certain age means getting on a bit. Never the less I find myself in a position where I have a lot more time on my hands, so I love to create Art Deco digital art. It all started many years ago when I had the bright idea to ask my now grown up children, to club together and get me Photoshop for my birthday. I then proceeded to teach myself how to use Photoshop and most of all how to create what I loved.

I have created lots of things on photoshop, but for the purposes of this blog I have created much more Art Deco than anything else. I love all things vintage and I have tried to put my own mark on what I create.

For many years I knew I had a creative streak but life got in the way of being able to just do what I do today. So I hope you will like my blog and all things creative. I have tried to give a sample of what I have done on this Home page. Also I have added web addresses for you to find the things you may like for your home.

Gallery Above.

The pictures above are what I have created over a period of time. A sample of the digital art I have created

About My Designs

I love creating Art Deco designs. Art Deco Posters, clocks, cushions, and much more.....

The Art Deco period was so decadent, with it's angular patterns and architecture, as well as it's glitz and glamour. I try to capture this in my designs. I use vintage pictures and create my own pattern designs and colours to make lovely bespoke items that would look good in any art deco lovers home. Using pattern templates I make frames for vintage images as well as geometric deco art.

I have a few places where I sell my designs This is Zazzle, where I am a designer and have my own store called "Home Sweet Home". I do not actually make these home items, but I add my designs to them. Zazzle actually makes the items and sends them out to customers. If you look at the web site address above it will take you to my store. There are many items to choose from. They are also customizable, which means you can add my designs to any home item you wish. Please take a look! If you take a look at some of the links below you will see a selection of other items I sell in my store.

I also create Art Deco Light Switch Stickers for Light Switch Plates and also I sell Light Switch Surround Stickers in my EBAY store These I make using Self Adhesive Gloss Vinyl Paper. You will also find A4 size and Postcard size stickers of my Art Deco and other vintage designs. Mainly posters which are stickers as well.

If you leave the backing on, they could be used for pictures which could be framed or for craft projects.



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