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   Hello there, My name is Gillian and I am a woman of a certain age. My family have all grown up and I feel that now is the opportunity for me to at last express my creativity that has been on hold for a number of years. I started by my grown children buying me Photoshop Elements 11 on my request as a present, from which I taught myself to use and have since designed and created many digital scrapbooking items that I sell in my new  shop  SerendipityGilly on ETSY.


My shop address on ETSY is and I sell lots of items, including collages, papers, elements and tags and more ......

However what has also come from this is an idea for creating a book for Amazon Kindle, which I have displayed on this blog. The idea is that buyers can use the bunting templates that I have created for lots of different occasions and

download the templates which they can print onto card or fabric to make their own bunting. Please take a look!

Tel: 01483872142

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